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The core philosophy of our project is that “Peace Creates Value”. It is our belief that once the longstanding confrontation of inter-Korean relations comes to an end and the era of peace arrives on the Korean peninsula, a brand new future based on a peaceful economic system can be built by integrating the South’s financial / technological prowess with the North’s rich natural reserves and trained personnel. In this way, the Korean peninsula may become an economic powerhouse of tomorrow, and a new international hub of prosperity.

To actualize our philosophy, we propose the issuance of Peace Unification Cryptocurrency (PUC), a token in accordance with ERC-20 smart contract provision based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Thanks to this blockchain technology, the proposed platform is secure and available to anyone worldwide.

Investment Valuation Method

PRI, the quantitative indicator of North Korea’s mineral resources, consists of two indices: PRI.KP.014 (North Korea’s Total Mineral Resources Index ) and PRI.KP.006 (North Korea’s Key Mineral Resources Index).

PRI.KP.014 = (Value1 + Value 2 + Value 3)/3/100,000

PRI.KP.006 = (total value of five rare minerals + mean value of the rare-earth elements) /100,000)

INDEX'2021 1Q'2021 2Q'2021 3Q'2021 4Q'2022 1Q'2022 2Q'2022 3Q'2022 4Q'2023 1Q'2023 2Q'2023 3Q
PRI.KP.014 2703.32838.53122.33590.74308.83447.03274.7
PRI.KP.006 5415.3 5686.06254.6 7192.88631.3 6905.06559.8

Token Allocations

Use of the Proceeds

Mineral Resources Development
Manufacturing and Economic Cooperation
Real Estate Development
Distribution Services


Blockchain-based PUC Tokens, a secure and transparent platform that is available to anyone worldwide.

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