PUC News Briefing | November

PUC News Briefing | November


PeacePlus, the initiator of peace unified cryptocurrency (PUC) project, has selected coinbase wallet as its electronic wallet for PUC holders.

Reason: an easy-to-use, verified and well-known electronic wallet in the blockchain industry.

The user manual for android and IOS will be posted at www.peaceplus.org.



According to the white paper, PeacePlus has issued 2 billion PUC tokens.

As the target price listed on the exchange, each PUC is worth 100 won ($0.1), with a total issuance of 200 billion won ($2 million).

You can check the current PUC release and owner information by searching “peace unification” at http://etherscan.io.



PeacePlus has given PUC free of charge to Korean and overseas advisors in the initial phase.

Profiles of PUC advisors can be found in the white paper.

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